What are the HandsOn® Gloves made of?

Our tough nitrile, PVC and nylon gloves offer you numerous excellent results as a hypoallergenic designed product including the ability to avoid allergenic reactions some people may experience with common rubber or latex glove products.
There is NO LATEX RUBBER or common rubber used in the manufacture of HandsOn® Gloves!

Some insect repellent liquids or sprays may contain chemicals or substances which deteriorate synthetic product components in all synthetic products produced by many manufacturers, not just our gloves; so, please read the product safety labels for your protection. Our product components generally have high resistance to chemicals, oils and punctures; this is accomplished without compromising elasticity and flexible strength. That’s the foundation of tough and durable HandsOn® Gloves!

How do I clean my gloves?
Simply hand wash and air dry.

Can I sterilize my gloves?

Yes, you may use a mild 10% bleach solution and rinse with fresh, clean water. 

Please follow the product label instructions.